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Editorial Shoot at Cudmore Country Park 2022

Feeling so much joy when seeing every single photo from that day...
It was a shoot where I wasn’t physically present only because while this session was taking place, I was preparing my stylised photo shoot a few miles away.
My luxurious bouquet accompanied this session in several shots and only one beautiful subtle Dorchester rose. Two stylisations and two beautiful dresses from the same designer were prepared for this shoot.

576A6967 2222.jpg

So, let's start with the first styling where my bouquet was an addition. The bouquet for this styling was made of roses, orchids, sweet peas, stock flowers and eustoma to give extra texture I added a little bit of dried grasses only in white shades. Despite so many different plants, the orchid and roses stands out and gives a luxurious and chic finishing touch to the entire styling.

576A6967 2222.jpg

Absolutely amazing admirable gown designed by @julita_ldn_bride from the Flore Sapovnel collection with the beautiful name 'Night Phlox' the model was wearing first. It was that day when I found out about the existence of this incredible designer that is JO. Immediately I fell in love with all her unique and phenomenal dresses.

The photographer put a lot of effort into this session and focused on every detail of this look. Thanks to this, you can view the images and carefully look at each item that is given below in the description.

'Night Phlox' gown adorned with metallic gold thread embroidery, shimmering beads, large sequins and opulent pearls. Fluttery soft chiffon petal clusters adorn the cap sleeves, which extend with hand dyed tassels. All these elements give to this gown a lot of sparkle and hand-made finish of each detail give it uniqueness and attention to every little detail.


The beautiful absorbing natural beauty of the model was perfect for this editorial photoshoot. In the rays of the sun and the glow of this phenomenal gown against the backdrop of wonderful sand and sea, the model, Jessica, looked like a goddess shining from afar. 


The 'Luster' hoop earrings fit perfectly and nothing else was needed just a slight breeze which added a bit of movement. Did you know that a very famous singer Sonna Rele appeared on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards 2022 in the 'Night Phlox'. Yes! She looked in this gown absolutely phenomenal and stunning. Very well known for the song 'Strong' from "Cinderella" which she sang in 2015.


Second spectacular look was a gown from the same designer from the Solasta collection called 'Selene'.Designing this dress, JO was inspired by the moon goddess, worshiped in Greek Mythology. Selene is an expression of the divine essence and a vow of feminine power. Open back, V-neckline, widened sleeves at the bottom and beautiful long back of this dress giving to it elegance. Made with champagne gold and ecru sequins.

Nothing more was needed for this very sparkly piece, than a single Dorchester Rose. This dress shimmered beautifully in the light of the sun in an amazing natural circumstances. Thanks to this, the photographer could take beautiful shots and close-ups of every detail.

Barbara paid a lot of attention to capture this dress from every perspective. So, we can admire and watch the creation carefully from every side.


The hairstyle and makeup was the same as to the previous styling. Also, The 'Luster' hoop earrings from @victorialouiseaccessories they fit perfectly with this outfit as well. I was very happy when I saw one of the photos from this shoot in the August issue of the VOGUE. They asked @victorialouiseaccessories if she would like to be part of a select

few for their 'Jewellery Designer Profile'- obviously she said Yes.


So here we go!

I am very happy with each small victory, even though my flowers weren’t featured there this time! Maybe one day my time will come, when my work will be appreciated and published in such magazine. So keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck!


Thank you to all suppliers involved in this amazing shoot!

Photography and Concept: @barbaramarkiewiczphotography

Model: @jessicazhouuk

Accessories: @victorialouiseaccessories

Dresses: @julita_ldn_bride

Flowers: @aliciaflowerdesigner

Ribbons @bertieandfred

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