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Tenerife, June 2022


Editorial photoshoot

It was my first adventure with this wonderful photographer. Not knowing what dresses and accessories will be used, seeing only the moodboard, I made two bouquets, hoping that they would match any styling planned by the photographer. I couldn't make bouquets from fresh flowers because I knew they had to travel a long way in a suitcase to get from the UK to Tenerife. So I decided to use dried and silk flowers. Dried flowers are beautiful, unfortunately they do not have the elasticity and lightness that fresh flowers have. Therefore, they are much more difficult to work with. In addition, the colours are not as intense and fade even more over time. They break and crumble easily, yet they are very popular and loved by florists around the world. They are available in various shades and, contrary to appearances, they are very expensive. Lovers of the boho style certainly have a lot of them in their homes as decoration.


In the first styling, the model wore a shiny 'Gilded Lily 'gown, serene textured glow. The model definitely looked like shining mermaid on land. A delightful shiny dress in an amazing scenery, long airy blond hair and mesmerising eyes and dried flower bouquet wrapped with delicate, smooth silk ribbon. A beautiful shot in perfect natural light. There was absolutely nothing else needed to make the model look phenomenal.

In the second look, the model wore a long veil of dream with a hand-embroidered inscription and designed by an amazing designer @rebeccaannedesigns. And beautiful Athena Luxury Statement earrings from @victorialouiseaccessories. For this styling, the bouquet was made of dried palm leaves and dried grass, to add a round texture, I added a few silk flowers. Then, to add airiness and lightness to the bouquets, traditionally airy silk ribbons have been added.

In the photos you can admire the beautiful nature and the wonderfully flying veil that stole my heart.

If you are planning your wedding and want a special and unique veil, you have to ask Rebecca and she will surely make something for you.

In the next shots you can admire a lovely pearl veil during the golden hour.

In such a natural scenery and at the so-called perfect hour by photographers, nothing else is needed.

Just glorious shots, you must see it!

In these extraordinary sunny rays on a lovely beach shots, you can also admire other jewellery such as delicate earrings, a delicate necklace, a golden headband and very clear boho earrings. Each piece of jewellery used in all these outfits is designed by the same designer @victorialouiseaccessories. I highly recommend and invite you to visit her online store.

I really like all the photos from this session and I'm very happy that I could be part of this project.

Now a few words about the organiser of this stunning photo session. Adrianna is an absolutely great photographer and a wonderful person with a heart of gold. It was our first ever collaboration, although not knowing her personally, I felt that this acquaintance would lead to a great adventure.

If you love beach vibes and nature and you don't care about a big celebration, it's worth choosing a place that is fabulous in itself. Then you just need a bouquet that will certainly stay with you for a long time, a dress of your dreams, jewellery, a good mood and a great photographer. Such shots in such a place will surely accompany you as a beautiful souvenir for many years. Your favourite photos can be printed and framed. By hanging them in your room, your guests will be able to enjoy them with you.

Credits & Big Thanks

Photography & Concept @adriannaweddingphotography

Model @oliwianienierza
Floral @aliciaflowerdesigner
Ribbons @bertieandfred
Jewellery @victorialouiseaccessories
Veils @rebeccaannedesigns
'Gilded Lily' Gown @julita_ldn_bride

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