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welcome to wedding section!

The wedding day is the most important day of your life, in which flowers play a very important role. Let me help you choose the best flowers and designs befitting your venue and scheme.


Whether you have a vision of what design you want or need some direction and inspiration, I'm here to help! Book a consultation, and together we can create an exceptional and tasteful offer, perfectly suiting your individual vision.

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welcome to events section!

Experience event flowers at their finest with original luxury florist.


I am passionate about nature and its wildness, creating natural and unique floral designs for any celebrations. Carefully selected flowers, candles, beautiful table setting and a great company are all you need for your dream event.

welcome to accessories section!

These small additions play an important role in our outfits.


I'm happy to offer you a wide range of handmade fashionable ladies accessories to enhance any outfit, including headbands, earrings, flower crowns, hat pieces and more...


welcome to workshops section!

Workshops are a great opportunity to work and connect with creative people and create something magical. They are an unforgettable and a wonderful experience. It is also an opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and try to create something new. These are the moments I look forward to.


I love participating in such events, it's my escape from everyday duties.

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