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play an important role during your ceremony!

The event can be held in a restaurant, hotel or your home. Wherever you are comfortable and want to spend a special time in a unique atmosphere, I will gladly do everything to make this time special by decorating and styling your space. Depending on the occasion - whether it's your birthday, engagement, hen party, religious celebration, baby shower, wedding anniversary or business meeting I'd make sure it's remembered for a long time.


Please contact me- I would love to help.

Dream scenery

selected by you!

I will help you to fulfil any of your ideas in every scenery.


The event venue can be anywhere you dream of.

Some celebrations can be organised in nature, for example on the beach site or in the forest.


I have an experience with arranging various sceneries - from sandy beaches to industrial warehouses and I'm more than happy to share my expertise with you. Please do not hesitate to ask, I will gladly accompany you and do everything in my power to make your day special.


I am looking forward to our cooperation!

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