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Hello, this is Alicja,

my story

It all started with an Instagram account Alicia's.Decor back in 2018, which was a space for a creative outlet, cooking, time spent with my family and floristry beginnings where my passion for the latter really came to thrive and I could share it with people.


The Instagram account name was initially the name of the brand when I started my journey in flower design back in 2019. However nearing the end of 2022 I have made a decision to change the brand name to what it is today - Alicia Flower Designer.


'' Alicia's Aesthetic is  boho with a touch of romance, elegance and chic. She likes to push the boundaries with creativity while maintaining her sense of style.


Her work is individualistic yet incorporates the client's needs seamlessly be it individual flower arrangement, stylised photo shoots, weddings, events or larger projects.


From traditional to whimsical, Alicia Flower Designer has an eye for detail and a listening ear to ensure that every customer request is met in the finished product.''


I hold an accredited Level 2 qualification in Floristry and keep up to date with the ever-changing trends in floristry by attending workshops and grabbing every opportunity to improve my skills in order to meet my client’s needs. I have developed a talent of taking inspiration from my surroundings to create my designs.

Family is everything...

Family is at the core of my work. I am a very happy wife and mother of two boys who give me so much support and push me to keep excelling in my art and to take up new challenges.


Spending meaningful time with them helps me to clear my head, relax and switch off which helps to inspire new creative ideas for my work.


Now it is your turn, I would love to know about you and your plans, especially related to floral events. So, please contact me! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

 From traditional, timeless, to whimsical Alicia Flower Designer has an eye for detail and a listening ear that ensures that every customer request is embodied in the finished product.

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