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Jaywick July 2022


Boho & elegance beach elopement inspo

It was the most difficult session so far. However it was a great lesson for me, from which I took a lot. Organising this photoshoot, I really hoped that it would be a very special one. Unfortunately, a few people did not make it and many things did not go according to plan.

Anyway, I'm glad that it took place, because it taught me many valuable things that will be useful to me in the future. And now let's go back to the topic. I will start with flowers, because during this session, I really wanted to focus on them and show you many beautiful types and an amazing shades of these glorious plants that are currently available on the market.

Alicja-62 Zmniejszone.jpg

For this floral arrangement I used a lot of different flowers in the autumn colour palette. While I was studying floristry, these shades were always close to my heart. That's why, I decided to make arrangements in these shades having access to such delightful tones of various flowers.

And when I saw roses in mustard, cappuccino and Cafe latte colours, Eustoma in Bohemian Mocha or Dianthus in Brownies shades, I immediately wanted to have them and use them for this project.

White eustoma flowers, white orchids, dried ruscus leaves and dried grasses gently illuminated the whole composition. I did not use any foliage for these compositions to focus on these beautiful flowers and their wonderful shades. I only used some eucalyptus in similar shades to add a different texture and give airiness. Therefore, I regret very much that this session did not take place at a much earlier hour, because the light was definitely too dark and in the pictures don't quite express their full potential.

Irma @irmute 911, my beautiful model, who participated in my previous session, saved my life when the other models couldn't make it. She was dressed in a lovely gown with unique back 'Ekaterini Rose' hand embellished. 'Crystal Quartz' earrings from @victorialouiseaccessories shimmer beautifully by this amazing dress created by very talented @julita_ldn_bride. I am so in love with every piece of this an amazing gown.


During this session, the lovely Isabella @isabella_posenato was also with us as a model. Isabella posed in a gorgeous pure silk 'Lana' gown and 'Rea Hoops' earrings. Our model had editorial make-up and naturally curled hair. The whole styling looked very natural and airy. In my opinion, this wonderful airy dress will be perfect for beach celebrations.

This pretty young lady also posed for us in a beautiful white 'Wisteria' gown pure ethereal romance. Silhouette simplicity handmade in delicate, textured lace, with draped cape sleeve movement.

As a addition to this dress she was wearing very delicate 'Ruscus' earrings. Towards the end of taking photos of this look, our stylist gently pinned her hair up to slightly change her image. This dress will be perfect for women who are determined, like delicate decorations and put on elegance and chic.

Pure silk ribbons attached to each bouquet floated beautifully in the air and a lovely pure silk styling cloth finish of my whole project. As I mentioned before, it was one of the most difficult sessions I've ever been part of. The person who supposed to design and send the welcome sign suddenly stopped responding. So I had to improvise and find another solution. Thanks to Nicola (@bertieandfred) which made it possible. She was the one who sent me this fabric and thanks to that she unknowingly saved my project. This wonderful woman is my an Angel who gives me wings every time I need it. When you buy a ribbon or styling cloth from Bertie and Fred collection you are buying something that has been lovingly made over time and totally unique. Nicola's plant dyed silk ribbons & cloths are raw edged, torn, pressed and rolled to order making the especially made for you. The ribbons carry natural markings and the tones achieved from the natural dyes, blend perfectly with flowers given that they are made from nature. Every dye bath is unique as the colours vary through the seasons. I am in love with all those unique fabrics and can highly recommend them to anyone.

This time Sue cake designer from the previous session attended in person, delivering a lovely cake that fit perfectly into the whole composition.

The location I chose was far from the car park. Nevertheless, I decided on it because of the large stones around the cove. On the day of the session there was a low tide which caused a large fall along the sea which made it very difficult for us to set up my work. If it wasn't for my lovely husband, I wouldn't have been able to arrange all the elements properly. In fact, a lot of things went wrong but despite many obstacles along the way and many disappointments, I am very happy that I managed to do this session. I have to admit that it turned out completely different than I wanted. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this beach scenery.


Thank you very much to everyone who was with me during this project. Some of those lovely people came from far away and it's a double thanks and big hug for them!

Amazing suppliers who participated in this project.

Credits & Thanks
Dresses& Veil @julita_ldn_bride
Earrings @victorialouiseaccessories
HMUA @mona_chmielewska
Cake @suehurstcakedesign
Textiles @bertieandfred
Models @irmute911, @isabella_posenato
Photography @barbaramarkiewiczphotography
Floristry & Concept @aliciaflowerdesigner

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