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West Mersea May 2022


For the romantic and wild souls

My First Beach Wedding Set up in 2022. Organising this sort of session is a real challenge which involves a lot of responsibility and it is also a big investment. That's why it's important to have suppliers involved in your project who want to work with you and have that in mind. An outdoor session, especially in England, when the weather is very unpredictable, can end in a failure. Despite a very long delay due to the storm we were able to complete this session with success.


To make all the flower arrangements I used pastel colours of fresh and dried flowers. Roses definitely added elegance and chic. Eustoma, common name Lisianthus, which also appeared in these arrangements definitely gave lightness. When working with dried flowers, when combining them with fresh ones, it is worth remembering to add a fresh flower that has an intense fragrance. Unfortunately, dried flowers do not smell, so I have used wonderful Stock and Sweet Peas flowers in these compositions, which compose beautifully with the rest, add an intense scent and a exquisite texture, which is always welcome in this type of compositions. You can also see single carnation flowers on the photos, I must admit that I like them very much. Their superb, round and alluring shape definitely stands out. Also, they are very tenacious flowers and last a long time. And when their time is up, they can always be dried and used in a dried form. Dried grasses and leaves flow loose and wild in those arrangements for a contemporary boho wedding day style.


Firstly, a simple, patternless carpet in neutral colours was laid on the sand. Then, as a base for this session we used a beautiful long low wooden table custom made for an amazing woman Bryony owner of @hullabalooeventsltd.

A fabric from the same company was precisely arranged along the table and comfortable cushions were arranged around as well. This was the simplest part of this set up... As we started to arrange the table with flowers, candles and stationery, everything started to fall over from the gust of wind. The shells and stones from the beach helped us to keep everything in place. This time the candles failed to fire for obvious reasons. To this editorial beachy shoot such things as dinnerware, cutlery, glasses and napkins I borrowed from my own home. Fortunately, despite such a strong wind, nothing broke.

From Welcome Signs to Menus.

Modern, elegant, and contemporary wedding stationery you can design just for you wedding day to give a real personalised touch. A beautiful menu with the names of the guests on the front will be great for seating everyone invited to the wedding ceremony. I love the colour and elegance of the font on this stationery which fit perfectly into the whole arrangement, and the beautifully textured wax seal finish of the menu added a touch of luxury.

Designed and created by @loveflorastudioco. Colours and wording can be changed to to suit your own theme. All of her wedding stationery is printed in the UK using FSC certified high- quality card and envelopes. I am sure that together you will create the right stationery that will suit and match your expectations.

A glorious wedding cake was made for us by an amazing wedding cake designer @suehurstcakedesign. Until today I admire this real work of art. This cake consisted of three levels in sand colours.

The beautiful square base gave it a unique look also, floating imitation of waves from the base to the next level looked spectacular, and the delicate hand-made flowers perfectly finished this artistic work and gave it lightness. This is definitely my favourite cake so far. Sue was so nice and when I went to pick up the cake for this shoot, she gave me a few types of cake to try for the whole team. I must admit that I ate a few pieces because I could not resist, they were so good. Her cakes not only look beautiful but also taste delicious.

Trust me!

Silk ribbons to wrap the bouquet traditionally I used from Bertie & Fred. Behind this brand is a wonderful woman named Nicola. I don't know her personally yet but I know her enough that I can definitely say that she is an Angel with a golden heart. I present to you how her stunning textiles are created. Bertie and Fred use age old techniques to make her plant dyes from scratch. It is very time consuming but the slow process is so rewarding and beautiful. She makes small batches of ribbons and styling cloths from her home studio. Nicola doesn't use any harsh chemicals or toxins. The process is extremely kind to the planet and any water, dye and plant stock used are returned to her garden adding richness to the soil. She grows most materials herself but occasionally buys from sustainable suppliers.

Passers-by walking on the beach that day could have admired this beautifully decorated table and the triangular arch made for this occasion. Flanking this arch were my own favourite Maldon Terracotta vases with floral arrangements and stone candle sticks with white long candles were also placed. The easily foldable triangular arch was custom made but when I received it in its original colour I immediately decided to repaint this arch with a colour that matched the accessories before this shoot.

It was a great decision because everything worked great together.

Beautiful freckled Irma in a marvelous airy white dress 'Araseli' gown made of luxurious textured silk by incredible designer @julita_ldn_bride looked phenomenal with the arch in the background.

To add a little bit of chic to this outfit our modern bride wore gold 'Hydrangea' earrings designed by the magnificent @victorialouiseaccessories.

Our sensual Irma has airy natural hair, very natural makeup and bare feet perfectly suited to this scenery. Beach sessions and outdoors celebrations are usually for people who value freedom and naturalness.


To organise such a session I had to find suppliers from various wedding industries. Fortunately, I was able to gather so many fantastic people willing to cooperate. Nevertheless, I had to organise many things myself and now I am not talking about flowers, which was my main task.

I will skip this topic because I would have to write a lot and bore you and I do not want that. It is important to work with a photographer who will take the right shots and capture every little detail involved in this event. I, as a florist, receiving a photo gallery from this photo session was very pleased and I hope that the rest of the people who took part in this project have the same feelings. Those impressive shots taken by @barbaramarkiewiczphotography

Credits & Thanks
Table & Table Settings @hullabalooeventsltd
'Araseli' Gown @julita_ldn_bride
Model Irma @irmute911
Hydrangea Earrings @victorialouiseaccessories
Cake @suehurstcakedesign
Stationery @loveflorastudioco_
Silk ribbons @bertieandfred
Photography @barbaramarkiewiczphotography
Floristry & Concept @aliciaflowerdesigner

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